The team are a collective of experienced chefs, baristas, retail
and service sector managers each with a unique specialism that
spans many years of experience. Our strength is collaboration and
partnership; we feel the best results are gained when working
closely together with no visible divide.

Let’s meet them…

“At the 4th Street Kitchen flawless service goes hand in hand with creative food excellence. Equally important is the
chemistry of the people you work with, who are key ingredients to success.”
I graduated from Southampton University in 2008 and immediately returned to run the Student Union for the next two years. My passion in life has always been food. Following the Student Union I spent the next few years learning the trade in restaurants, café’s and bars – often managing them for others.

A few years ago I set up my first business – The Hungry Workshop – a CIC that concentrated on the teaching of cookery, from beginner level with children and school leavers – to more advanced workshops for adults. We worked for 3 consecutive years for the government led initiative The National Citizen Service – providing essential life skills to 16/17 year olds following their GCSEs. But actually, the thing I’m most proud of is Projects and the 4th Street Kitchen, and I have been overwhelmed by the support we’ve received in the community.

Eve is also a graduate of Southampton University – with a background in fashion and design – she has a flair for visual
She has over 6 years experience in the food and beverage industry and has also spent a number of years in the retail sector. A ridiculous
perfectionist, her passion for great customer service and attention to detail surpasses none.
Her rapport with our regular customers is legendary, she’s the 4th Street Kitchen’s greatest asset and we are very lucky to have her on board.